Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

Well, well, well, hello again, Monday. 
At least it's sunny today.  :-P

Saturday was a lazy day-in as the weather was ick! B and I lounged around, I got my coupons in some sort of order and sent Daddy P {thank you, thank you, thank you!!} out to conquer the lists at 4 different stores. He did an amazing job and our pocketbooks thank us for the hard work done. :) Have I mentioned before I am an avid couponer since first watching "Extreme Couponers". :sigh: Couponing is hard work!!! But I will do almost anything for a good deal. 

We watched "The Lady & The Tramp" and it shined a new light on Lexxi for me. I want to try to be a better dog-owner with her ... she is getting older, probably around 10 years old now {how old is that in puppy years??!} and she deserves a better life. I am still trying to convince Daddy P into getting her a puppy friend... any ideas on how to push him over to the YES side?! No nap for B on Saturday, but he didn't get super whiny or crabby either ... when do kiddos drop the afternoon naps? Man, I wish I could take an afternoon nap EVERY day. 

Sunday we were up bright and early in the AM to head out to my older sister's boyfriend's daughter's confirmation service and party. Despite the ongoing drama, I thought it went well. The boyfriend's kids are a delight; smart, polite, friendly, not a complaint in the jar from me about those kids. We were happy to be invited to the event and be included on such an important day for Miss B. Bennett was really good throughout the entire day even though the confirmation party ran smack dab in his normal nap time. 

We then went back to my parents' place, B slept en route, but as soon as I tried to put him down on a bed, he woke up and was not going back to sleep anytime soon! He loves loves LOVES to play outside at Gaga and Papa's, so outside we went!!! My Mom and I weeded the landscaped areas {omg I am sore today!!!} and B helped dig up worms and put some good miles on his car again, loves that thing!! 

It was so damn cute. He would go off the sidewalk intentionally and then he would hit his siren and say "tow truck! tow truck" and my Dad would help him back onto the sidewalk, which he totally could do all on his own. Precious.

B ended up zonking out around 730, kid was EXHAUSTED. He stayed the night since he is spending today and tomorrow over there anyway. I'm actually off to visit with him right NOW!
You're jealous, I know. ;)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!
Happy Monday!

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