Tuesday, May 8, 2012

B storytime

It will be nice to have this blog to look back on my journey, so I'd like to be able to record little things that I want to keep around to look back on... so there will be little stories here and there that I find amusing ... from my sweet little B. 

Bennett adores my Mom.
She is the original Gaga {before he could say Grandma... and it stuck even though he can say Grandma just fine now!}
Since recently spending a bit more time with the other "Gagas", she is now specifically Gaga Mary.
My Mom so generously watches B 2 days a week and the other 3 he attends an at-home daycare.
Sometimes we bring him over to my Parents' house as he loves to play outside in their large yard and all things fun over there!!!
And then he will stay the night and we will pick him up the next day... {this is also nice on the weeks that it works out and it gives Daddy P and myself some time to ourselves!!!}

Anyway, that was sort of a background on this story.

B never cries when we leave, actually, he would prefer to stay there.
Last night I asked him for kisses and he said "no". 
He is super stingy with his kisses {except for at bedtime when he's trying to stall!!!}
I admit that I do sometimes bribe and/or threaten to get my kisses {don't judge!}... so last night I told him that if I didn't get any kisses, he would have to come home with me !!
I got my kisses. 
Then I asked him if he could give Gaga Mary kisses...he said "no".
I again told him if he didn't give Gaga Mary kisses, he would be coming home with me. 
Gaga Mary got her kisses, cheek kisses to be exact!! {one kiss on each cheek!}
After he gave her kisses... he said to me ... 
"You better go now"

Kid, you crack me up.

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