Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Pics!!! [belated]

I didn't have a chance to upload the pics from Halloweenie for the past couple of days.... so here are a few! The ones outside with the pumpkins were taken a few days after Halloween since it gets dark so much earlier here in Minnesota now. Love ya, Minnesota sunlight. So long until next year! :-P 

Cute little ANIMAL if I must say so myself!

LOVES treats!

Playing around with GaGa

B hated the head part of this adorable costume

Playing with the "Pump" that GaGa & Papa grew for him!


  1. Love the pics... B looks so warm in his cute lil costume. Nice pumpkins.... We didn't get any this year! :(

  2. Awww! Despite his distaste for the head part of his costume, I can't believe he was willing to wear the rest. Maybe it's just because it's hot here, but there is NO WAY Ava would wear anything that all-encompassing!

    He was one cute little bear, though! And I love the comparison picture!


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