Sunday, November 6, 2011

The cleaning never ends...

Our house is somewhat clean... besides the toys EVERYWHERE after we had 5 additional children over here last night. But toys are easy to clean up.... as long as there is a place for them, and there is!

We had the rest of the house looking pretty darn good since we had people over for the Halloween/30th Birthday Party a little bit ago and I was trying my best to keep it that way... but now I am not feeling the best, B has a bad cough and poor thing is also not feeling the best... and Daddy P is hunting [again. ugh.] so it will have to wait until he comes home. That's okay, right???

I was going to try to organize my music on my computer seeing as I have most of it on an external drive and some of it on my local drive... that causes some definite confusion and delay [Thomas and Friends quote lol] so I thought I could just transfer it all to one location. Easier said than done. I need to go through and delete unwanted pictures... fun but also a chore! Good thing it was Daylight Savings time and now B is finally getting some much needed rest. Poor kid. Anyone know any tricks to helping soothe a toddler's throat??

Off to clean...the computer again.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!! Chi-town next weekend to visit my Sis & Bro-in-Law!!! Whoop Whoop! :) Gotta get and stay healthy for that trip!!!!


  1. Spoonful of honey? I think my Ped's Nurse practitioner told me that. I tried it last week (my throat was sore) and it was really sweet, but it worked. Maybe a small spoonful?

  2. You're right- the cleaning never ends!! It is absolutely OK to wait until P comes home to worry about it. And even then, a little mess never killed anyone! There are more important things to do then spend all your time cleaning! That's just me though. :)

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. I feel like I am cleaning up toys ALL. DAY. LONG.

    Actually, that may very well be true, because on any given day I'm cleaning up toys at 2-3 different households, and sometimes two other families than my own, but gah! It NEVER ends. That, and laundry. Who knew little people could make SO much!


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