Thursday, November 17, 2011


My Husband is in a 3-way partnership business with 2 of our friends. I thought we were all friends but I guess I had the wrong idea. Blah. It seems like I have the wrong idea on a lot of that stuff, though! I expect more out of my friends than I think they are willing to offer. I expect the same as what I feel like I give out to my friends... but I don't feel like I get the same in return. Does that make sense? Yes, this is a whining post. Anyway... after a lot of drama, I am no longer giving any thought or ideas towards the project because it is unwelcome and unwanted. I feel like we've gotten thrown back to the days when women weren't supposed to speak out of turn or without being spoken to. Never voice your own opinions and you may only speak freely to your Husband. What a joke. Out of everything, though, I'm just hurt. I had always thought that if you were to start a business with friends, it would end the same way. I guess I was wrong. I will bow out as gracefully as I can because I have other things to worry about!!!


  1. Wow I'm sorry to hear that. That's just ridiculous and I'm sure you've got great ideas to contribute. Men..

  2. :(

    Sorry to hear about that - sometimes business and friendship is a difficult match. Hopefully P stood up for you and things change!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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