Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We came back into MN yesterday morning but I was sick all weekend and am still not feeling 100%. B is also still sick, along with my Mom. There are definitely some icky viruses going around!!!! BLAH! Anyway, it was a good weekend despite my being ill. Liz & Mike are a riot and I love to spend time with them. Wish they didn't live in Chi, but that's okay, it could be worse!!! It is heartbreaking to see my little guy unhappy and not feeling the best... I'm so used to him being full of smiles and giggles instead of frowns and whines. Hoping to see my little guy back to his old self soon!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

38 days!!!


  1. omg i know what you mean ryu is still sick! i hope that B, you, and your mother feel better soon.


  2. I hope you guys get to feeling better soon!


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