Tuesday, April 19, 2011

16 Months!!!!

[i meant to post this yesterday. oops!]

B is 18 Months old today!!!!! My BABY!!!!

He is so funny... in so many ways. His little personality shows through more and more each day. He tests his limits and thinks it's soooooooo funny. He is starting to mimic more and more and it's so fun to hear him say little versions of words. This morning he was sitting on my lap. He pointed to my eye and said "eyes". SO Cute. His vocabulary is still very limited, but it's coming along.

Poor kid is teething again, he has 4 teeth coming in at the same time. Ouchers. He also is getting another round of Amox for a bad cough he's had for over 2 weeks now. Sounds like it hurts and that hurts Momma's heart everytime I hear him hacking. :(

He has really become a Momma's boy... and I cannot complain one bit about that one. P takes him to daycare on the 3 days he goes during the week [thank you Daddy!] and it's heartbreaking to have him crying and reaching his arms out for me every morning. Last week I was holding him and he started waving buh-bye to P. Awwww.... if I could quit my job, I would have right then and there. Well... okay, I would have quit a while ago but you get the feeling. Poor P... B will cry until I hold him, not P. He will

I have lots of plans for my Mommy-self in the upcoming months. More on that later....

We visited the Easter Bunny for the 1st time yesterday. It was awesome because there was practically no line and we were able to go up to the Bunny a few times, each time hoping B would warm up to him... not the case. He didn't outright cry, but he didn't smile either. I don't blame him... the Easter Bunny creeps me out a little too... but, this one was actually cute and cuddly looking.


  1. Happy 16 months!

    Heeheee funny last pic! Easter bunnies scare me too. I didn't take Liam to get his pic taken. I'm too creeped out. B's expression is exactly how I feel about that. haha!

    Hope you guys have a great Eater weekend!

  2. Happy 16 months B!

    I feel the same way about the Easter bunny - too creepy for me! Ha!

    Love your new bangs - they look fantastic! :o)

  3. Happy happy 16 months, mr. B!!! Did you cut bangs? I love them!!!! I want a new do...I'm getting really bored with my hair. Oh, and ditto on the Easter bunny. The one we took Presley to last year was super freaky.

  4. Happy 16 months, B!! I love that last picture of him sitting on the bench. He looks like such a big boy!

    I can't believe everyone is creeped out by the Easter bunny. lol too funny! Ours at least had clothes on though. ;) Have a great weekend!


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