Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So many sites, so little time...

Alright kiddos. I'm now on GetGlue.com and also just signed up on Tumblr.com. If you are on there, please "follow" me and I will do the same with you! Send me any info I need to find you and follow you, etc. I probably won't be super active on these, but I try to keep up with most things... although I seem to fail at a few more than others.

My username on GetGlue is aleela:  http://getglue.com/aleela
My site on Tumblr is: http://aleelav.tumblr.com

Check me out :)

I'm also on Foursquare and that has seemingly become a competition between my friends and myself to get the most points. It is kind of fun but kind of a pain in the butt too. Ahhhhh...technology.

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