Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesssssssssssss, it's finally Friday. This week has been a long one!!!! I have been having car issues with my Mazda 6. We bought this car new a few years ago and it was a good car but recently has started acting up. The check engine light popped on and then she wouldn't shift out of 3rd. Then all of the dash lights would start flashing and the gauges would pop up and down erratically ... !!! This was all happening after one morning it wouldn't start, but then we jumped it and figured it was just a low battery after having sat in the garage for a few days without being driven and also having the GPS plugged in. We didn't see the engine light again for about a week and then this past Tuesday it came on again and it all started over again. We knew we had to do something... after doing some research, Patrick came to the conclusion that we should look into trading it in for something different. He had found that Mazda 6's are known to have major engine problems and that a lot of people were having to replace the engines, etc. I didn't want to have to throw that much money at this now 5 year old vehicle so I was on board to trade her in. We spent the past couple of days trying to find a car and last night we traded the 6 in for a Toyota Camry. I have officially made the switch to a Momma car. :) I've always wanted a black car and when we bought the Mazda, they couldn't locate one so I settled for the silver. I couldn't do that this time!!!! Anyway, I got a car that I love and Patrick's happy because it has a great warranty as it is Certified Used. It's also a very known and reliable brand of car that is known to last for a very long time!!!! My Mom has had Camrys for a long time now and I know she loves them and continues to buy them. I am very happy with my new ride.... and like my Facebook status states... "Pimpin ain't easy". Haha B & I will be rollin' hard in this Camry!!!! Watch for us with our hats cocked to the side. :-D

We also had 1-year pictures taken at a Target Studio somewhat nearby. I wasn't too pleased with many of the pictures and we only ended up ordering a few. We are actually going to a Sears photo studio this weekend so that we can get one with B and a #1 as they didn't do that at the Target Studio. I actually was quite disappointed with my experience there, but there were no sitting fees and the sheets were 3.99 each so I guess I can't complain too much!!! We got enough prints for his adoring fans family, so I will be excited to give those out!!! Speaking of, I need to pickup some more 5x7 frames!!!! Add it to the list. Haha. Anyway, I managed to grab a few off their online album [sneakily!!!] so take a gander!!! It's tough with kids, though... you never know what kind of mood they'll be in!!!!! B was pretty good for most of it so we were happy we got a few keepers.

These are the 3 we got prints of:

And these were a few of the rest:

So the chick has him hold "O", "N", "E" to try to spell out ONE in a "collage picture" [=more $$$$ of course] which is obviously a feat for a 1-year old in itself. They didn't turn out and I didn't even understand what she was doing right away. I wish he was holding a "B" instead of the "O" and we would have gotten that one as well. Hopefully this next photo session will go well and we can get more fun pics of little B.

I also need to get a good pic of my new ride... I am quite excited about it. Can you tell??? She was all perrty last night but then with the snow and the  salt and the melting here in wonderful Minnesota... she's dirty now. So I guess you could say now I'm ridin' dirty. I was going to write that earlier but then I thought it meant riding around in a car with a trunk full of illegal weapons. But now I realize the car's dirty... so I really am ridin' dirty. Yes, I listen to gangster rap. No, I don't walk with a limp.

Happy Friday!!!!!


  1. Cute pics! I hope the ones from Sears turn out well. How did you get the pictures off of their website? I was able to do it for his 6 month pictures and then they changed it and I'm not able to copy his one year ones. I actually think the "one" idea would've been cute if you had gotten a good one with the "N". I know what you mean though- I didn't have a terrific experience either time but we got a few great pics and overall I was happy. I really wish they had the big numbers though!

    And I like your gangster speak. Too funny! I'm so jealous of your new car. Mine is a 2000 and I've had it for 6 years. It's been giving me a lot of problems and I desperately need a mom car too! I just really like not having a car payment!!

  2. We had a Mazda 3 for 6 years and it started having trouble this fall. I loved that car!! Drew had mostly been driving it, so we went with a Toyota Camry since I already had my "Mom" car. :o)

    I love the photos! Not bad for Target! Hope you get some that you like even better at Sears!!

  3. Cute pictures! I really love the first one of the family and, let's face it, B is adorable!! My MIL has a Camry and LOVES it! I have a Civic and we're looking for a new "Mom Car", one that has 4-wheel drive. I work in St. Paul where the streets are never plowed or aren't plowed well. I've gotten stuck a couple of times because it's so low.

    I can't wait to see pictures from the other photo session!! I hope that one goes better!

  4. Ridin' dirty, lol! I love it. B looks so sweet all cuddled up to his daddy. Melts.My .Heart.


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