Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday. :::sigh:::

Well kiddos... I am just going to blog really quick during my lunch hour to let you guys know that I'm alive. :-P
I can give you excuses up the butt for why I haven't been blogging much even after I stated my resolution was to blog more.... but I'm not going to even go there. Today is Monday and I'm back in the office. I am also still sick, and have been for over a week now. SUCK. B still has a runny nose but back to his happy baby-self. Yes, I still call him my BABY!!!! Daddy P is also a little under the weather with something, but we are all coping. Grandma Steffl can't even talk, poor thing! Daddy P & I are headed to visit my little Sister Liz & Fiance Michael in Chicago this weekend so hopefully we can recover by then!!!! It will be the first time we are away from B for longer than one night. We are dropping him off at my Parents' on Thursday night, going to work Friday and then leaving directly from work and not returning home until Monday!!!!! Ahhhhhhh! But my Mom is really good with sending pictures via text and I will definitely have to call and check in with my little Buzz quite often. I know he's in great hands with my parents, too, so that is a huge relief!

Daddy P & I were up until midnight last night printing out my Dad's invitations for his Surprise 70th Birthday party February 5th. I will have to upload the picture we used on it, it's his Senior picture and he is so handsome. :) So we find ourselves booked up for the next couple of weekends...again. And when is my house going to get cleaned?? Yeah, good question!

Tonight is movie night for Mommy, though. I have a couple friends/co-worker/ex-co-worker and we do movie nights every now and then. We are going to see "No Strings Attached" tonight and I can't wait!!! We are also going to dinner and believe me... cold and all, I'm still having a beer, or a cosmo. Or maybe one of each. ;-) It's also half price burger night at Champps. I mean, could it get any better???

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!!! I'll let you know how hot Ashton Kutcher is.... ;-)


  1. Enjoy your night out!! I am super jealous!!!! I have never left Jack at night, not even after he's gone to sleep. And don't worry about not blogging. There are too many things that need to get done each day and you can't stress about not blogging! We're not going anywhere!

    Enjoy your beer (and cosmo!) and burger!

  2. I'm glad you're alive! :) I hope all three of you feel better soon, it's not a good feeling when everyone is sick. Movie night sounds awesome! We have a "Social Committee" at work (two people) who search around for good happy hour deals and specials and set something up once a month. It's nice, laid back, and a chance to talk about things other than work! Have fun on your trip!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear you are all sick and under the weather. It is no fun being sick and I've realized that being sick AND taking care of a baby is TOUGH work. Been there and done that. I really hope you feel better soon.

    Have fun in Chicago! You are much stronger than me. I could not leave Everett for that long. Other than Everett's nanny that comes several days a week, we don't have anyone else that we fully trust to watch him. :(


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