Friday, October 29, 2010

i need another me

Happy Friday!!!

I wish I had 2 me's. Not because I am obsessed with myself in any way, but simply because there's so much to do and I can't do it all myself in the allotted time!!!! Craziness. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with so much going on and lots in the future and lots on our calendar!!! It's great to have things to look forward to, but there is also a lot of work that goes into doing things. Especially now with baby B. It's always worth it, but it's still stressful!!!

The daylight is getting shorter here in Minnesota and it has really affected my picture taking of B. I used to get home and snap as many pictures of him as I could with the wonderful natural light [the best light!] but now when I get home it's too dark out that I need to use... *gasp*... the flash. I cannot stress how much I hate flash photography, but that's just me. Anyhow, with the help of my puffer, I have learned that it is not the worst alternative .. the worst being no pictures of B. How could I go a week or more without pics of B? I can't!!! So anyway, you'll be seeing a lot more flash pictures from me... hopefully on the weekends I'll be able to make up for it with some natural lit pics too.

He is getting very strong! He is now able to stand up with no toys or anything else ... simply from sitting pretty much. He is still finding his balance but he is getting better at taking little steps and it is so amazing to watch. I need to try to get a better video of him taking his sweet little steps but I'm usually the one picking him up every time, so we will work on that! B is starting to whine/cry a little when he doesn't get his way... in particular, when he sees our phones and doesn't get to play with them. [note to self: get B an iPhone ...JOKING!] I'm not sure exactly how to deal with that... I try to gently tell him no and distract him with something else but that doesn't always work. He also tends to whine/cry a little when we are holding him and then put him in the pack n play. Anyone else having these issues? What do you do to soothe little one without starting an "I get everything I want" complex?? I always said that I wasn't going to be one of those parents with the spoiled, whiny brat.... we'll see about that! :) I'm already a sucker for him so I need to stay strong!!!! Hehe.

Tomorrow there is a bridal gown sample sale downtown Mpls. My older sister and I are going to try to tackle it and find a super good deal [$299!] dress for my little sister. She's in Chicago so she can't make it but I am going to be on the hunt for her. It would be amazing if we found the exact dress she is most likely going to buy anyway. I get an adrenaline rush just thinking about it. If I have to fight a chick over a dress, I will. Watch out brides, Momma's coming, and I'm on a mission!!!! :)

Daddy P is off work and fishing today... probably the last day of the season. We didn't get out much at all this past season, but that's okay. B's smiles make up for it all.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!! Can't wait to see all those Halloween pics!


  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I definitely know what you mean about taking pictures under natural light. I love it and I hate the idea that the sun is slowly going away even if I absolutely love the weather right now. I too hate flash photography, but that's what I've been doing lately just so that I don't miss out on some moments. I'm actually not good with filming my son. Since he's born I've had short clips of him here and there and that's probably one thing I regret. Good luck on taking pictures and videos of baby B. Goodluck on finding a dress for your sister's wedding. Watch out ladies she's on the prowl for a gorgeous gown :)

  2. Sales like that always make me so stressed out - ah, the pressure! the potential fighting! :o) But I hope you have fun and find something perfect!

    By the way, I HATE flash photography too. I avoid if at all possible. Although, I must say, your Wordless Wed {flash edition} was super cute and not at all washed out. You have the touch!

  3. Girrrrrrrrrl - I know what you mean. I need a few of me.

    Good luck with dress shopping - sounds intense!


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