Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless[ish] Wednesday - Halloween Edition!

I have been absent from the blog world. Life is getting so busy and I feel like it's so chaotic and I am like the worst at handling everything!!! It totally sucks. Anyway... you know what else sucks? Being stuck at the office when your 1st born is at home with a fever of 103. That totally sucks.... my heart is breaking!!! AHHHHHH! B hasn't been sick much at all with anything until now and I wish I could be there holding him all day long. He gets Daddy, though, and he's a pretty good 2nd string. Just kidding!!! He's just as good as Mommy... but more for Mommy's sake, I wish I was there. I would have left except we are down one girl in my Dept. and therefore it would be highly frowned upon if I did leave, if I would even be permitted to. I need to find another job. :-P

Anyway, Halloween was good! B was a perfect little monkey!

Alright, time for some pics...on with Wordless Wednesday!!!

We hope you all had a great Halloweenie too!!!!


  1. What a precious little monkey. Y'all are seriously the cutest family! Love the trick or treat bag too. I'm so sorry to hear Mr. B is so sick. P is under the weather also. I hope things slow down a little for ya.

  2. Im sorry he is sick! High fever too! No fun at all! I hope wheatever it is clears up quick! I can't imagine having to be away from a sick baby. Hope you get to be home with him soon. Adorable monkey!!! I love it. I agree with guys are a cute family :)

  3. Oh no, I am going to send him (and you) losts of good vibes to hope he gets better and soon.

    As for the pictures OMG so cute! I love his little monkey costume!

  4. Anonymous4:02 PM

    i'm sorry to hear that i hope he feels better soon! poor baby! aww that costume looks super cute on him. i love his pictures :) well i missed out taking proper pictures of my son on halloween since i was at work. lucky!

  5. Awww, I hope he feels better soon. He just needs his mama. :) B makes a super adorable monkey!! And that treat basket full of goodies looks awesome. What a lucky boy!

    I hope you're able to relax and not feel so hectic. It's hard to be a full time mom and have to work outside the home full time. There's never enough time to get everything done!

  6. LOVE the monkey costume! It's perfect for B!!

    Boo for being sick - I feel like all the kiddos are coming down with something this week. Maybe they're sharing it through the blog-osphere! Oh no! :o)

    Feel better Mr B!

  7. Aww, poor little B! A is super sick also, and I'm hating it :(

    The monkey costume is AWESOME! So fitting, and so adorable!

  8. I hope B feels better soon. Having a sick baby is one of the saddest things, EVER!

    You have a beautiful family, A. B is such the perfect mix of both you and your husband. And you my dear are gorgeous!!


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