Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 8 Months my sweet Baby Boy!!

I have to skip "Wordless Wednesday" today because it's my little guy's 8 month mark!

Happy 8 Months, Bennett!!
I'm going to have to say it again... I can't believe it's already been 8 months since you came into our lives. Seriously... when did you get so big???
You're becoming such a big boy and getting sooooooooooo strong!!! Your little face, your little chubby body, just you... makes everything worth it. You make me smile just thinking about your sweet little face and that beautiful contagious smile you have.  I cannot get enough of you and miss you every second I'm away from you. I could have never imagined how much you would fill my life with love. We love you so much, BIG BOY!!!

You want to stand on everything. This is not an exaggeration. When I'm holding you, you want to stand on me! You try to climb me!!! You are getting your 3rd and 4th teeth {in the front, on the top} and you are not enjoying it nearly as much as you did the 1st two you got {in the front, on the bottom}. Poor thing. You are still eating 5 bottles a day, 5 oz. each one. Except for lately, you've been foregoing a few ounces with your daycare lady, Adrienne. What gives, Baby??? Momma works hard to put that milk in those bottles. That's okay... I know your toofers hurt. Momma forgives you. :-) Besides the bottles, you are eating 1 solid in the morning, 1 at lunchtime, and 2-3 at dinner time. You have tried a wide variety of solid foods now and haven't had a single reaction to any of them!! {knock on wood!} We have started to try some Gerber Puffs and most recently Mum Mums. You don't really like them all that much yet, but I can see a little progress each time I give them to you. You are such a fast learner!!! You are sleeping through the night, and have been for a long time now. We are so thankful for that!!! Good job, Bennett!!! I think you are about 19 lbs now and I really need to measure you because everyone that meets you seems to think you are such a tall boy! You haven't given in on saying Momma or Daddy yet... or any real words for that matter. I know you can {you did on my Birthday!!!} but you're just holding out. And that's okay!!! You are a crawling maniac now... belly fully off the floor and you can sit up like it's nothing at all. You still love your Jumperoo and have a little key toy that you fully understand what those buttons do and I love it!!! You also got a good assortment of "opie beads" from Auntie Sarah and your favorite thing to do with those is find the hole, put your thumb in it and then you either hold it up and wiggle your thumb around or you pull your thumb out and make a popping noise. SO CUTE. It's so amazing to watch you in everything that you do. You are always learning and almost always smiling. Your laugh melts our hearts every time we hear it.  You are such a blessing to us and we love you so, so, so very much.
Love Always, Mommy & Daddy

{i opted for the letter form this month... and i think i like it!}


  1. Aw. Happy 8 months Bennett! Did he stand himself up in his PNP? Such a cute little guy!

  2. Happy 8 months, B! They are getting so big, it's true!! Asher loves to stand up on everything too -- but he doesn't crawl yet. Go Bennett! :o)

  3. Hi! I started following your blog from a baby center post/link (I think...)

    The letter format is a really cute idea. I just might have to steal that for my LO's 9th month bday next month! :)

    Happy 8 months to your baby B!

  4. Yay, Happy 8 months Bennett!! Why does 8 seem so much bigger than 7? Cute picture of B standing! Jack only stands if I'm holding his hands and only for very short periods, but we're learning! :)


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