Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Only Tuesday?

Alright ... it's only Tuesday today??? What's that??? Are you serious?? Bummer.

I feel like my head is a hurricane of thoughts of everything we need to get done at home and all the other wonderful things life brings. I have been considering/thinking of starting an at-home daycare. This idea is a completely far-away idea... if it ever happened, it would be a long ways down the road. But it's also a comforting idea as I would love to spend more time with B.

My Mom's birthday has crept up on us and is already next Monday!!!! What do you get your Moms for their birthdays??? It's tough to get someone a present when they basically have most of everything they want... or they could buy it for themselves...??? Although my Mom isn't the best at pampering or spoiling herself. Maybe that's my key! I am a strong believer that Birthdays are important days and should be celebrated well! Hello! It was the day you came into this world!!! How could that not be important?? We will be on the road home on Monday, but I think I should have a present or two waiting for her when we do arrive. If I hadn't been such a space case, I would have ordered a personalized card on Shutterfly, like I did for Father's Day and my Dad's Birthday. But I completely spaced her Birthday and had to resort to a normal card. Luckily I found a not-so-normal card that had spaces to put your own pics!!! Score! Anyway, so we're leaving straight away after work {actually directly from my office!} to road trip it to Chicago to visit my little Sis & her Fiance. {so weird saying that!} I am excited to go on our first little trip with B and to visit the Aquarium and Zoo out there!!! And B can't wait to show off his mad crawling and pulling up/standing skills to Auntie Liz! {and soon-to-be Uncle Michael!}

Poor B, his upper front teeth are really giving him a hard time. The one tooth is through, barely, but the other one is just causing pain for my little guy. It's unlike him to be so cranky and also unlike him to not finish a bottle. It also PAINS Mommy because I work hard to produce and provide that milk to him. Yesterday, at daycare, he only at 1 ounce of a 5 ounce bottle. ONE OUNCE!!!! Ahhhhhhh when Patrick told me that, I just couldn't believe it. I kept saying 4 ounces over and over. That's okay, though. I know his teeth are bothering him a lot and it seems like drinking a bottle makes it less tolerable and sometimes we have to let him have the paci in between drinks from the bottle to soothe him a bit. Poor B!!!! Hopefully that 2nd one will pop through soon and it won't be as painful for him. I'm not used to hearing him fuss and cry!

I feel like we're never going to get unpacked and settled into our new house. There's so much to do and definitely not enough time to do it. Sucks. That's another reason I'd like to stay home!!!! I would not spend so much time commuting and the hours would be a lot better.... most of the daycares we looked at were like 6-4 or 7-5. Right now, I'm getting up at 640 and leaving the house around 750. I leave work at 530 but don't return home until 6 or a little thereafter. I would much rather start earlier and get home earlier... but my current job doesn't allow for that or any flexibility whatsoever. That is one of the downfalls of it.... although there are a lot of positives as well. Like my health insurance... AWESOME coverage and I don't have to pay a single penny for it... including B's health coverage.

Alright, enough venting and talking about nothing too important. Really, nothing. Oh well. Isn't that what most of my posts are???

Tomorrow B will be 8 months old!!!!!! I need to work on getting a good blocks pic this month...as I failed at that last month. Oops. Can't go back either... ::tear::

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Right??? Doesn't it feel like it should *at least* be Thursday??

    A is teething hardcore also, and is princess fussypants. Hopefully they'll push through soon so B can start feeling better! Have you tried frozen washcloths?

  2. I am thankful that Adelle isn't teething yet, though I really wish she would!! She is super drooly and loves to chew on things.

    I get my mom time at a craft workroom, like the one at Archiver's. She is always complaining about not having enough time to do crafts while she's at home.

    My Dad's birthday is on the 27th and marks the end of summer vacation for me (teacher) so it's happy and sad all at once. I guess it's more happy because we go to the Fair to celebrate!

  3. Jack is teething too and I hate it! I feel so bad and I'm also not used to him being cranky and upset. I hate knowing he's uncomfortable and possibly in pain. At least the one has popped through, so maybe it won't be much longer before he's feeling better!

    That is so awesome that your job pays for your health insurance. I pay close to $500 every month and about $375 of that is just for Jack! It's crazy!

    Enjoy your road trip and taking B to lots of fun places!!

  4. Oh Man! Ethan is teething so bad...in so much pain...but no teeth yet. His bottom right is finally trying to pop through...I don't think it will be long now. He started refusing his paci about 3 weeks ago....I think sucking on it made the pain worse. I hope B gets some relief soon!

    Chicago! How close are you? My parents live in Chicago!!! We were supposed to go visit in May but couldn't do that and the wedding in Hawaii, so I am hoping to go soon for a visit.

    Enjoy your trip, i hope B isn't too fussy on your trip.

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