Saturday, February 6, 2010

7 Weeks... & a day.

Bennett turned 7 weeks old yesterday. I didn't have a chance to blog because it was my Dad's 69th Birthday! Bennett & I were busy during the day trying to stay on our feeding schedule that would work with commuting to my Parents' house, packing up everything we would need, Mommy changing, etc. Daddy came home at 5 as usual but we still didn't quite make it out of the house until 530 or so. Boo. It's a lot more work getting out of the house with Baby and everything he needs.

Bennett has discovered his tongue! 
One day shy of his 7 week mark, he started sticking it out and playing with it A LOT! So adorable!

Happy 7 Weeks Baby Boy! We ♥ you so, so much!


  1. He sure is cute!! Isn't it great to watch him play with his tongue? If you haven't already, try sticking your tongue out at him and he should stick his back out at you. Jack has started doing this and it's super cute! Sometimes it takes awhile and I feel like an idiot with my tongue hanging out, but it's so worth it!

  2. I love the picture!! So cute!!
    It IS really difficult to get out of the house. Even when you think you have everything, once you leave (or get there) you realize you forgot something. One of the many joys of parenthood!


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