Wednesday, January 6, 2010

he's changing already!

I can't believe Bennett was born over 2 weeks ago. Time really does fly.

I miss feeling his kicks and hiccups inside my belly. Isn't that strange??? I miss being pregnant. I can't believe I would ever say that, but I do. It was so special, I guess. Now it's just me... not so special. Haha.

He is changing so quickly, and right before our eyes it seems!!! I want to record everything as much as I can but it's so hard to fit everything I want to do into a day. 24 hours is never enough time, and of course we have to waste time sleeping. Blah.

I should be sleeping right now but for some reason I'm not too tired yet. I know I'm stupid for not sleeping anyway, but I just felt like having a little internet time to myself. Bennett should be waking up starving pretty soon anyway, so I figured I would just stay up and wait for that to happen. And I need to pump. Wow how my life has changed!

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  1. I miss being pregnant too but I love having my little man on the outside! It does go by fast though. Before we know it, they'll be crawling. I'm not ready for all of that!


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