Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 weeks down...amazing.

Yesterday was Bennett's 3 week birthday. I still can't believe it. It is truly amazing to watch him grow and see him learn things right before our eyes!!! He is such a smart little guy. I am already boasting with pride. I have a little bit of a cold and I think I may have given poor little Bennett a little something. I hope it doesn't get any worse and that he gets 110% healthy soon, same with Mommy. I have been fighting off this "cold" or whatever it is for a week or so now, and it's starting to get super old. I am more tired than usual and that's the worst part... oh, and not being able to give my sweet baby boy kisses. Total bummer. That's pretty much all you wanna do when you look at him. :)

Before Bennett was born, Patrick & I knew we needed to purchase a video camera. We raced out to Best Buy and got one. We haven't been using it much but we did a little last night and I pulled it out quickly this morning. We need to start using it more. And now I wish I had the new iPhone so that I could videotape little things of him on the fly. Oh well.... we just have to learn to pull out the real video camera more often because these are the days I definitely don't want to miss. And I know they are just flying by already.

2 Days ago was a big day for little Bennett. I noticed that he was following my head when I moved it from side to side. What a big boy!!! Growing so fast!!! So smart! :-D And that same day... Patrick swore he said "Hi!" LOL. I don't believe he did but I'm sure what Daddy heard was quite close, after all... our son is a genius.

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  1. How exciting!! My hubby and I were thinking about getting a video camera for when our little girl arrived, but decided to get a still camera instead. We thought we'd invest in a video camera when she is crawling and walking to catch the longer milestones. I hope you both feel better soon!


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