Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeling a bit overwhelmed

Well then... just checked my ticker and it says just 31 days left! Uh.... now everytime I look at that thing, it kind of puts me in a panic. That isn't that long... at all. I am not worried about the birth and delivery, I'm worried about getting things done in time for little one's arrival!  I can't believe there are only 31 days until I am due. That is nuts to me!!!! I have started new hours at work though, so that will be nice and will help me out to have some more time at home at night. I get to come in an hour later and leave an hour early. Sickness!

This past weekend I went shopping with my Mom on Saturday and completely exhausted myself. I definitely can't shop like I used to! It's also tough when I don't have my WONDERFUL Husband with me to help me carry stuff. I found myself dragging my little carry-bag around Kohls. Sad.

I finished the card collages for Baby LaVine's room last night and hopefully we will get those hung tonight. I am becoming quite anxious to get his room together! I also need to look into getting a list of stuff I want to pack in my hospital bag.... but it seems like a lot of the stuff is stuff I use on a daily basis. Hmmm....

My wonderful Mother was able to finish the valances in the nursery and they look great! I will have to post pictures of those soon as well. We just need to work on moving some of the non-nursery items out of there now... get that changing table pad to lay flat and I think that room will be done!!! And that will be a sigh of relief for me.

The rest of the house needs more cleaning too, but the nursery is the most important to me right now.

We are getting excited to meet you, Baby LaVine!!! ♥

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