Monday, November 9, 2009

Daddy's Home.

Well, Daddy has returned home, safe and sound ... and with no venison! I seem to always post a mad blog when he leaves. I guess I need to work on that. Good thing he barely knows what a blog is or he might post mean things about me on his blog! Haha, jk.

So... 38 days! Wow.... that's insane. I have started realizing that this baby really is coming and we really do need to start getting things in order now. I need to pack my hospital bag, along with baby's. We need to finish decorating the nursery and getting the excess crap out of his room. We need to find a pediatrician. We need to finish cleaning and purging the rest of the crap we have in other parts of the house. I did clean the kitchen pretty well yesterday while waiting for Daddy P's arrival, but I wasn't able to get everything that I wanted done. I have cleaning ADD, which makes it difficult to get certain areas cleaned because I will always be moving on to another one.

Baby is having a slower day today. He isn't moving around as much as he has over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday he was a busy boy!!! Dancing all over the place!!! I was reading online that between 34 and 35 weeks, babies typically gain almost a pound!!! Wow!!!! As for Mommy... I don't think I've gained a pound for over a month. Ever since I started my GD diet, I have lost a pound every appt. for the last 2 at least. I am told Baby still gets what he needs though, so that's good!

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