Thursday, October 22, 2009

32 Week Appointment

This morning we had our 32 week appointment. I can't believe I am already 32 weeks! Wow. I may be in shock at how far along I've come, but I am happy too! Doctor thinks baby is already head down! She said if they can't tell for sure around 36 weeks she will order another ultrasound to see how he is. If he isn't head down at that point, she said they can try to turn baby, which would be "uncomfortable". Hmm.... that word isn't too friendly sounding. Haha. It doesn't seem like anything about birth is "comfortable". She said I'm measuring about 1 week ahead, at about 33 weeks. I'd much rather measure ahead than behind! Last appointment (2 weeks ago) I was only measuring about a half a week ahead.... so maybe this little buggar is hitting a growth spurt!!! We heard the heartbeat again, which is always fun... and it was in the 130/140 range.

Patrick's Mother, Sylvia, was nice enough to gift us a glider/ottoman for the nursery. It arrived on our doorstep yesterday and was put together and placed in the nursery last night. It is so nice!!! Thank you Grandma Sylvia!!
The color matches really well with the crib too, so that's super nice. I will have to dust my camera off and take some pictures soon!

My Baby Shower is this Saturday and I'm getting kind of excited for that! Not looking forward to getting touched but I will have to deal. Serenity now! :)

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