Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy times!

Well, it's becoming to be quite a busy time for us! We have weddings for the next couple of weeks, both Saturdays. And surprisingly both on the same side of Patrick's family! They're actually cousins, both girls getting married the next two Saturdays. I must be honest and say I'm not 150% thrilled but that's because during this entire pregnancy, I always would rather sit on the couch than go anywhere. Haha. Weddings are fun though and there's cake (usually) and food! :) Can't complain about that!

We have ordered the bedding for the crib and should receive it Wed! I'm so excited to start getting the nursery looking more like, well, a nursery. :) I will post pics! We are going to Babies tonight to start the registry and to pickup the mattress for the crib. Exciting stuff!

We made it up to the cabin this past weekend to get the trundle bed up there and out of the bedroom. It was nice to go up there and have the place somewhat normal! We still have a ways to go on fixing it up but it's come a long way! It's Patrick's little project, so I like that he gets to work on it. I think it makes him happy to make progress, and gives him something to work on with his Dad. So cute. :)

I found out last Thursday that I have gestational diabetes. I am definitely not pumped about that news. I was actually shocked and felt horrible after first hearing the news. But then I read into it a little bit more and talked to a few people on my fave forum on BBC and realized that it wasn't anything that I did... I guess it just is how some women's bodies react to pregnancy. It really can't be helped! It still isn't the best news and I am not looking forward to pricking my finger. I hate needles! But it's worth it for a healthy baby boy... and I'm hoping it will also help keep my weight gain to a minimum for the remainder of this pregnancy. I'm getting there!

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