Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eskimo Pie vs. Klondike Bar

I KNEW there was an Eskimo Pie that used to look like the Klondike Bar! I knew it! I saw a commercial for a Klondike Bar the other day on TV and, of course, immediately wanted one. I didn't get any right away and then yesterday I kept referring to it as an Eskimo Pie instead of a Klondike Bar. I was telling Patrick that I swear there used to be Eskimo Pies that were in the same wrapping as the Klondike... but he didn't know, or didn't believe me. I tried to google it on my phone last night during dinner to prove my rightness but the only thing that came up was chocolate bars on sticks. Not what I was looking for. Even when we picked them up at the store I only saw Eskimo Pies like on the web, chocolate bars on sticks. Today curiosity continued on and I had to look it up once more with full computer web access. And alas!!!! I have found it! Check out this link to see. Patrick, I told you so. ☺♥

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