Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today is my little sister's birthday! Happy 23rd Birthday, Elizabeth!

We are going to PF Chang's for dinner tonight, to celebrate this very day 23 years ago! Wow... time flies. Makes me feel totally ancient, like a complete dinosaur. Suck.

I feel alright today. Only a few gags here and there, I am hanging in there. Couldn't figure out what to grab for lunch, so I picked up a pick n' pair from Apps. Broccoli Cheese soup and Oriental Chicken Salad. It was pretty good, filled me up for sure. I was starting to get nauseous from not eating. Little Baby LaVine definitely lets me know when he/she is hungry! I don't have the appetite like I used to, though. I find myself eating smaller portions and knowing when to stop before I absolutely stuff myself. I know smaller portioned, and more of, meals are actually better for me now anyway. So good for me!

Hopefully I can stomach something tonight at PF Chang's. Chinese has not been a friend to me for a couple of months, along with burgers. So strange. I haven't had any sort of want to eat anything like that - burgers or fries, chicken tenders with the tough breading, chinese food, salad didn't sound too great to me lately either. So weird! I have acquired a sweet tooth and I have recently struggled to get that somewhat under control. I admit though, I do still give in to that occasionally. Okay, maybe a little more than occasionally. Must. Control. Myself. Hah.

I get so tired, so quickly. It's not even 2pm and I am exhausted. From doing.... uh, what again? Oh, not much. Sitting in this most uncomfortable chair... you know, good stuff, hard work. :) Speaking of work... I suppose it's time to get back to it. Til tomorrow...

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