Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's been a while

I haven't posted for a long time. My apologies to myself, who reads this. :)

I put a cute little ticker at the top of my page. If you haven't figured it out, I am pregnant! I can't believe it, I couldn't believe it when it happened! It is all still very surreal... but ironically, the nausea is not. I am 11 weeks today and can't wait for the weeks to pass me by. I'm due on Dec 17th as of now (per my first u/s at 8w1d). We have an appt set for mid-June and am very excited for that one. But will be even more anxious for the 18-20 wk one where we can hopefully get the sex!! Wow, I can't believe this is actually, truly happening to me. Well, myself and my husband. The best husband anyone could ask for - my Patrick. Love you, baby.

So my plans for the summer have been altered a bit. No more drinking, obviously. But that doesn't mean life ends, believe it or not. ;) We have a long weekend at the end of July planned with some good friends to Duluth. That should be awesome! We are staying in this cute little cabin that's lifted off the ground - like a treehouse. I can't wait to take a million pictures too! I plan on doing a lot of fishing as well this summer. I need to top my 5.5 lb bass from last year. Not sure about the annual camping trip this year (b/c of tick issues) but hopefully we can figure something out. I love the bass in that lake, the eyes are so big and their complete bucket-mouths. I love it!

My little sister is looking for a job in Chicago in the Marketing industry. Her boyfriend of many years lives there and works for his family company, therefore he won't be relocating for her. Sucks. Anyone know of anything??? email me!

My parents are out of town for 3 weeks with one of their good couple friends. They are traveling within Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. I'm more than jealous!

Vegas trip will have to be put on hold, seeing as I don't think I would enjoy it to the full experience when I can't drink. Just a hunch.

But this summer and fall will be a very wonderful experience, I'm sure. I just want to get over that 1st trimester hump, hoping the icky feeling will go away... oh, and this back pain. Ouch~!

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