Monday, June 30, 2008

Almost July....holy crap!

Wow. That's all I can say. I can hardly believe it's almost July! Maybe it was the icky weather earlier this year, or maybe it was that time does seem to go by faster as you get older...not sure, but time has truly flown by! It was just my birthday and now it's almost July. June was so damn busy.

This past weekend was a good time. We went up north on Friday and had some friends up on Saturday. Sunday we came back and hit up a lake by our house - Pelican Lake. It's a good sized lake and I caught the biggest fish I've ever far! Check it out!!!

So yeah, that was pretty exciting. I thought I was going to get skunked - the other 3 people I was with had already caught something but I was still sitting there, casting away and only bringing in weeds. Then this one hit and I was thrilled! It was very cool.

While we have been gone from the house so much lately, the laundry hasn't done itself. The carpet hasn't vacuumed itself. The bathroom hasn't cleaned itself. The toilet hasn't gotten itself a new seat. LoL Soooooooo, we have some things to take care of this week before another long, fun weekend!

Two of my friends have found happiness in each other!!! Yay!!! That's so exciting. I've never made a match before, but it's pretty damn exciting. Wow... I hope they get married. Hahahahaha... okay, yeah, yeah, I may be jumping the gun a little on that one, but... that'd be sooo cool!!! :-) I just am so happy that they're happy together. great!

Other than that, I really don't have anything else to blog about. I have realized my blogs are nothing but mundane shit but oh well, I guess that's all I'm willing to blog about. I could go into the depths of my soul and all that, but let's not. No one wants to hear that. hahaha. I think my blogging will take a turn for the better once we start building our family and all that good stuff. :-) Until then, this is what you get. Thoughtless blogging. Enjoy!

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