Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i suck @ blogging.

Well, I've decided that I suck at blogging. Yeah, you heard me. You, you over there, the one not reading this and not listening ... er, reading this, uh...yeah, YOU! I've glanced at a few other people's blogs and I've decided I just have nothing good to write about. Wait, I might, but maybe I don't want to write about it on here. Hmm...

Anyway, I have started to try to sell a few things on eBay. So far, so good. It's kind of exciting actually... just wish I didn't have to wait 5 days until the shit starts poppin'. Oh, lookie here... late-night neighbor pulls in. Soon he will let his 2 little poodle-looking "dogs" out and they will bark like they are going to kill something and it will be joyous! No, I'm not being sarcastic. Those "dogs" are the cutest little things on this earth! Ok, yeah, there I was being sarcastic. Oops.

I am on load #2 of laundry now tonight after getting some much-needed work pants @ Kohls tonight. It's almost 11pm and I feel like I have so much more shit to do. It sucks. There is NOT enough time in a day, especially not when you spend most of it driving in a car, in some shitty-ass traffic, or sitting in a cube ruining your back because the chair is shit and you have bad, bad posture. You can look back in my posts, I have wondered on many occasions if this is what life is supposed to be like... and I continue to wonder that...until, of course, I win the lottery.

I'm not gonna complain though. My life ain't that bad. It's actually pretty damn good. I have an almost perfect husband. Yes, I did say perfect. And yes, I did mean it. I have a good-enough house, I have a very good and adorable puppydog, 2 playful and annoying cats, a nice automobile to haul my ass around in (gets 31mpg!) and a job that pays the bills and even gives me some play money. Yeah, that's not bad. Yeah, yeah... you're right. I'm still going to be a whiner now and then. Wanna know why? Because it sometimes feels better to whine. And isn't it part of human nature??? Not just to whine, but to want everything you don't have??? Yeah, I think that's part of all that.

My dryer pisses me off. I will put it on the same setting but it will not dry the clothes like it did the first load. That damn bastard. Time for a glass of RELAX. GOODNIGHT WORLD!

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