Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day Two.

It's freeeeeeeeeeezing out. It's really vicious out there. I wish I could have stayed home today and just like holed up in the bed with a warm cup of hot cocoa and my laptop so I can just sit there and play my fashion game all day long. LOL. Yes, I am a loser and yes, I am lazy. :-P Today is Day 2 of my healthy lifestyle-to-be. I am feeling good about it all. Yesterday I consumed about 1550 cals. Not bad. It was my first day and I need to be better at maintaining a somewhat full feeling stomach. Otherwise I get so hungry that I just eat and eat and then don't give it time to get the full feeling and eat some more. That's what happened last night. Kinda. Yeah, Fruity Pebble time. LoL. But yeah, so today, I had the temptation of getting a salad or soupy at Macy's but I didn't. Yay me! I had a shake and carrots and 100 cal bag of snackies for lunch today. I am stuffed I must say! So this afternoon I'll have to have a little snacky too...maybe a fruit rollup and continue to drink lots of water! No pop ! That is pretty difficult so far, but I need to stick to juices and water. Yay me!

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  1. remember......juices have calories! :-)


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