Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day Four.

Well, I've made it this far... gotta keep it going through the weekend... tomorrow a lot of my calories are going to be DRANK. Haha.... Not sure what I'm going to do about not drinking pop and one of my main drinks is Absolut and Sprite.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Today was payday! Always feels good to get paid. Tomorrow we are going dancing DT...yay. And then Saturday is down day. Laundry, hang out, clean the house day. Heh... and then Sunday is the Superbowl. We are going to be going to my parent's house to celebrate my Dad's birthday and also watch that stupid game. I do like the commercials, but I could do without football...! It seems like a dumb game to me, but each to their own! I am sticking strong to this whole diet thing... I need to stay strong through the weekend.... that is the hardest part! Being at work and having shakes here is not that bad. It's being at home with a pantry of naughty foods... but maybe I should remedy that.... but all in moderation. Not much else is going on...


  1. uhhhhhhhhhhh ok great to know so dads bday is sunday? ok i guess i better go shopping i don't know what to get him shit

  2. I stumbled on this blog not sure from where, but I can so identify with that measure-your-calorie-intake situation...right now i have had to forget about calories for a while, I dread the day I have to go back home and face my gym trainer!


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