Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day I-Fell-Off-The-Healthy-Wagon

Well... needless to say, I am not as gung-ho about the health kick that I was on. I am still going to continue to try to watch my calorie intake but I am going to drink pop again. I have decided that it's not that bad and there's no need for me to deprive myself of that. It's not like I drink 10 a day, or even 2 or 3. It's usually just 1, unless it's a special day, like after I've been out drinking the night before. Aka yesterday. :-P

Today we are celebrating my Dad's Birthday over at my parent's house. I'm not sure how old he will be, I think 67 or something. OLD, that's for sure. We still have to find a little present for him... so we'll be off shortly to do that before heading over there. We will of course watch the superbowl as well. I hate football but I like the commercials. :)

We watched 'Dragon Wars' last night and that movie blew. Ann was saying how good it was but I'm not sure how she thought she knew that b/c I don't think she'd watched it yet. Loser. :-P

My legs are so sore from Friday night that it's hard for me to make it up the stairs. That's craziness. I must have really been cutting a rug.. a big, heavy rug. :) lol. I have pictures... so I'll be putting those up later today or tomorrow.

I hate my neighbors. I really do. Especially the single mother behind me with 3 kids or whatever. Those kids run around like maniacs and I don't think she ever watches them. Slamming doors, slamming cupboards, sounds like they're bodyslamming each other. I can't wait to get out of this townhouse. 3 more years... and hoping the house market improves! Drastically! We are in a huge rut right now for this market. And I need it to improve!!!!! Don't get me wrong... I love my house... but I hate where it is, being connected to others. Other people that are loud dickheads. F that.

Have a good Sunday people!!!! Gloomy day out but hopefully smiling souls.

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