Tuesday, December 18, 2007

5 Days to go...

It's coming so fast and I don't even know how we got here...already! It's crazy. Really, it is.

I am officially done with all of my Christmas shopping, except for ONE present for little Oliver. Other than that, I am done done done!!! I am even almost done wrapping it all... that is so awesome, I love it!!! So tomorrow begins our busy time of the week as we are going to a Shriner event tomorrow evening downtown and Thursday we are celebrating Christmas with Pat's Mom's family after work. Friday should be an easy day and I'll be going out for cocktails with Kazul & Lukass. I hope we get out early, but as usual... not going to hold my breath! Then we have a wonderful 4-day weekend and I can't wait!!! I do love this time of year, but for some reason, this year... doesn't feel like Christmas time. Strange.

The certain people at work that drive me crazy are still driving me crazy. Sometimes I can't even tolerate it!!! AHHHHHHHH It makes me want to scream sometimes... but I keep it in and scream later.... lol.

Pat's ride is still pimp as it was before and I am still green with envy for that sweet piece of automobile... but he deserves it and lets me drive it even! Love you sweetheart. :) Xo.

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