Monday, July 2, 2012

Talky Toddler

So... Bennett has become quite the talker. He talks about everything and anything and yes, you have to be careful what you say around him {sponge!} so we do a lot of spelling at our house.
He is pretty good at enunciating words and seems to be doing a good job of expressing his feelings most of the time. His biggest struggle right now is saying "mine" instead of "my".
For example: "that is mine milk"
We are working on it. 
I started a little spreadsheet of words that he says incorrectly which, of course, end up being adorable.
For example: "lo mein" = "little mein"
And the adorable little mispronunciations just because he can't quite say certain sounds yet...
For example: "cereal" = "seeliol"
All in all, he is quite a talky toddler and he does say the funniest things sometimes.

What are your favorite things your little one says these days??

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