Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Priorities, blogs to come, etc...

I have been busy. Who hasn't??
Summer brings lots and lots of fun stuff and unfortunately, blogging and blog-reading my fave blogs kind of falls towards the bottom of my priority list. 
I am going to work on changing that!!!
I just need to get my life more organized and be more productive on a daily basis!!
Of course, I am a work in progress!
...as is this site!
I have changed a couple of things on here to try to simplify the look,etc.
What do you all think???
My blog is like anything else in my life... my hair, my nails, stuff like that. I am usually happy with the way it is for a little while and then I get anxious and want to change it up. 
I have lots of posts to catch up on... 

Mother's Day
My Birthday Party
My Birthday
Recipes I've tried
Father's Day
Green Lake

I also need to get up to date with my pictures!!!!

::deep breath::

OK, talk with you all soon!!!

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