Friday, June 1, 2012

phone dump friday

Check out this slide!!! wowza!

little kiddo part of this new park we visited!

B approves of this recipe! {recipe post to come!}

"i am cornholio..." lol lol

sweet B playing with his train set

waste not, want not!!

I have been MIA, I know!!! Sorry..... I'm still around. We had a long 4-day weekend over Memorial Day weekend and it was awesome. Around Sunday or Monday.... my teeth started hurting. The pain has become more intense and I went into the dentist yesterday afternoon. Today, I will have my first root canal. Joy. But... it's Friday and tomorrow is my 30th birthday party {that I've combined with my longtime friend, Danielle whose birthday is end of May}. I'm excited for that at least!!! I've heard bad things about root canals so yes, I am nervous. But I really would do just about anything to get rid of this horrible pain. Wish me luck!!!!

I'll have a drink for you ;)

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