Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the Container Store tantrum

Yesterday, April 23rd, 2012 - Bennett threw his first 'tantrum' on our first trip to The Container Store in Edina. I have decided I am going to organize our lives and that requires, well, organized products. The best place for this? I can't think of a better place than The Container Store. I was told about this massive place by my friend and cousin-in-law. {Thanks L!} Too bad we couldn't really check it out because not 5 minutes into the visit, B decided he was done... well, after we said he could not play with the "shopping cart" that was his. lol

Poor B. 

I feel like he's a little spoiled and we do need to work on that. We ended up walking out of the store not 10 minutes into it... empty-handed. 

He was so upset that he threw an even bigger fit and started crying harder and screaming louder when we got to the truck. Joy.

It has been the first time that he's acted in such a manner. It was embarrassing and I definitely know I've been on the other side of those looks before. At least I left.... 

And on the way home.... he said "I no love you Mommy, Daddy". 


I was surprised that this didn't sting more than I thought it might... because I knew deep down he didn't mean it. That little stinker. 

He loved me again by the end of the night. ♥

I'm struggling with the best way to deal with the screaming....it's very difficult for me to handle the screaming. UGH. The crying is easier to deal with for me than the screaming. 

What do you guys do when your LO screams because they don't get what they want?? Or is my little guy the only one that is so used to getting what he wants..... oops. 

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