Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday [eelpout/2012]

The weekend of February 17-19th, Daddy P & Myself went to Walker, MN for their annual Eelpout Festival. It is essentially a big party on the ice!!!! There is also an ice fishing tournament that goes on during all the other stuff, but our group hasn't took part in that yet. This year was our 2nd time going and it was a blast! We weren't able to drive on the ice last year but this year we were and it was pretty crazy seeing all the cars and little vehicles on the ice. It makes you a little weary of all the weight on the ice but then I saw the thick chunks of ice that they cut out for the Polar Plunge... and I felt a little better. I didn't even ever hear cracking even!!!! And yes, we ate Eelpout and it is good!!!!



  1. That looks like a blast! I've heard you mention it before but had no idea what you were talking about. Thanks for the explanation! I would have been terrified to drive on the ice. I think I've watched too many episodes of ice road truckers.

  2. Wow! That's so amazing - I've never lived anywhere cold enough for this kind of thing.

    And I totally agree with Ashlie that I'd be way to scared to drive on ice. :-)

  3. Hey I've been there before! Lots of Fun!!!
    But it was many many years ago, when I was younger and partied like a RockStar (hahaha).


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