Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday [Gingerbread House]

My favorite part is the clump of green candies in the corner. ♥



  1. Wow! Im totally impressed! I also love the green candy clump. It kind of looks like your house has a bow.

  2. Aw we didn't make a gingerbread house. I think maybe we'll do this sometime next year.

    B looks so adorable!

  3. Love the new blog design, by the way!

    I'd say that's one good-looking gingerbread house!

  4. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Hey Anika,
    Happy New Year! I got your Christmas card and gave it a little shout out in my latest blog entry. Hope you and your fam had a great holiday....and that gingerbread house is adorable! xoxo

  5. Anonymous3:00 PM

    It's not too late for you my friend, and please, post it still! I am happy to send out more. It is such a great mix.....I will def be sticking one in the mail for you. Get the word out, I am happy to still oblige! xoxox


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