Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolutions/Goals for 2012

I have never been to into the whole resolutions thing until this year.

I have always had the usual... lose weight and then of course like "i won't drink pop for an entire year". Yeah, right.

This year I wrote a list without even really thinking about it but I like it and I am going to try my best to stick to it. Without further ado, here it is:

Goals/Resolutions - 2012:
♦ Take time for yourself without feeling guilty
♦ Be motivated
♦ Volunteer
♦ Exercise
♦ Be optimistic
♦ Stay positive
♦ Eat healthier
♦ Try new recipes
♦ Stress less
♦ Love more
♦ Be thankful
♦ Simplify
♦ Let things go
♦ Be kind
♦ Smile
♦ Read more
♦ Try new things, period.
♦ Blog more regularly

Although some of these may seem fundamental, I need to remind myself of these little things every day. 2011 was full of anxiety and stress for me and I was not a fan. My goal this year is to simplify things, let go of control issues, and live life to the fullest. My family ultimately comes first but I need to better myself in order to serve them the best that I can. So far, so good....

I got a Kindle Fire to spark my reading and so far it's been awesome. I have read The Hunger Games trilogy [another post in itself] and have since started Water for Elephants.

My goal is to try a new recipe each week, probably over the weekends which ties into trying new recipes/things and eating healthier.  [i'll post that recipe too]

I am also going to post the recipes that I try each week. They aren't going to be gourmet, but as I am trying to stick more closely to our family budget, I am working off of whatever is on sale for the week. I'm a cheapo, and proud of it!!! Yes, I am a couponer too. It's awesome. :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Great list of goals! I need to make a list of my own. I'm sorry 2011 wasn't the best and I hope 2012 is awesome for you! I'd love to see the recipes you try. I'm a cheapo too and also coupon!

    I really want to get an iPad, but it's just not something I can justify at this time. I've been thinking about getting an eReader lately but don't know much about them. I assume the Kindle Fire is good or you wouldn't have bought one, right? I don't think I read one single book all of 2011 (I don't count audiobooks), but I love to read. I need to start again!

  2. I haven't yet formulated an official list, but I've had a few fundamental goals that fall somewhere in line with yours as well. I love the idea of a new recipe a week - we're definitely in a food rut around my house!

    Yay for reading more - those are all awesome books. If you haven't yet, you should read The GIrl with the Dragon Tattoo series! So GOOD!

  3. I actually have to have more self control for this year. I too need to work on myself.

    I can't wait to see your recipes~

  4. Great list! I especially like "blog more" - ha!


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