Monday, January 9, 2012

Kindle Fire!

I recently got myself a Kindle Fire. I love it.
One of my Resolutions/Goals for 2012 was to read more. This is a huge motivator for me to do that...and to play Words with Friends, and to check my FB, and to tweet, and to browse the web... err... read books. :)
I think this will hold me over until I decide I really need an iPad. ;) Now on to my next simply. :-P


  1. ha ha - I love your secondary resolution. I love my Kindle too - it's what helped me read the Bible in a year in 2011!

    Love your new blog look and banner too!

  2. I've been telling myself I need a new laptop, but really all I want is a tablet. My bf on the other hand is convincing me to get a new laptop since my current one is about to die soon, lol. Maybe I should look into the kindle fire ! lol


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