Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Choo-Choo to you!

Bennett turned TWO yesterday. I'm still in shock!
It was a great day for all... we sort of had a train theme but nothing extravagant, not a lot of decorations this year. B did a wonderful job and didn't cry once [i thought maybe the loud singing and lots of people might trigger it like last year]. Mommy didn't cry either. :)
He got lots of great presents and our big gift to him was a train table & set. Pictures to come!!!
It was great that everyone was able to make it... there were GaGa's and Papa's everywhere!!!

I can't believe B is 2! He has become a little chatterbox and he spouts out words I didn't think he even knew anything about them. We gave him a set of wall decals to use in his room and it's amazing how many of the Thomas trains that he knows the names of... and how he can differentiate one from another!!!!! I get confused myself!!!

He is now wearing 24 month-2T clothing, depending on the brand, of course. He is ALWAYS moving and the only time I can get in some cuddle time is right before bedtime, usually. This also makes it quite a challenge to capture any photos of him. The bad combo of poor lighting in the house/Mommy hating flash/constantly moving kid makes it quite the challenge to capture as many pics of little B but I've learned to go with the not-so-perfect ones.

B is a pretty good eater these days... but he definitely has a favorite food [which we of course had at his birthday party!] - Kraft Mac & Cheese!!!! What kid doesn't love that stuff? Yum! He isn't a fan of veggies and will not eat much fruit either.... this is something we will talk to the ped about at his 2 year well-child visit!!!! He used to eat the fruit/veggie combo pureed packets but has kind of turned away from that so we'll see what the doc says. I definitely want him to get his vitamins that he needs!!! Speaking of vitamins, what kind of vitamins do your LO's like to take???

Sometimes I think the "Terrible 2's" have begun but for the most part, B is a good little boy. He has started to squeal from time to time when he doesn't get what he wants but I try to ignore it as best that I can! He really dislikes it when Daddy disciplines him... and sometimes lashes out and hits P. We are trying to deal with that with Time Outs. I'm curious as to what you other Mommies using as discipline? Spakings? Time Outs? Straight up ignorance? B's little feelings are still a little sensitive and sometimes a simple "No" turns on the tears and that's tough. I never knew how hard disciplining would be!!!!

We will be revisiting potty training soon after the new year hits and I'm hoping that B shows more interest in that like he did before, but that was a while ago.... I think we will have to be more encouraging, there just hasn't been too much time to devote our efforts to that so I didn't even want to worry about it since B didn't seem too interested anyway. I would like to not have to battle him every time we need to change his diaper, he hates it!!!!!

So, my baby is 2. People have made comments that it's time for a sibling.... I had a short bout of baby fever a few months ago but I have since recovered from that. No Baby #2 for a while for us! We are having too much fun enjoying B and his antics for now!!!!

My Dear Bennett,
You have grown so much in the past 2 years! We can hardly believe the changes. You are so smart and such a polite little boy, you make us so very proud. No matter what the day brings, your sweet little smile always makes everything better. We feel so blessed to have you and the utter joy you bring to our lives. We love you to the moon and back... and then some!
Love Mommy & Daddy



  1. Happy birthday!!!

    Yes the terrible twos... many people have told me that the THREEs are even worse!! Haha.

    Liam is the exact same way about those Thomas trains! He even knows the new ones and the construction vehicles... I can't even keep up! It's amazing how much they can remember... when I can't even remember where I put my car keys most days!

    We give Liam Cars gummy vitamins. They come in little Cars character shapes and the gummy itself is not hard to chew. It's actually really yummy! So it's pretty much like a treat when I give him his vitamin.

  2. Happy happy birthday, Bennett!!! We do time out with Presley. I'm not sure how well it's working, lol, but I am very consistent with it. P will occasionally hit also when she is being disciplined.
    I haven't given P any sort of vitamins, but thought I would ask the pedi at her 2 year appointment. She used to eat a wide variety of veggies, but not so much anymore. She loves fruit though! Unfortunately, she has Mama's sweet tooth...
    We will also be potty training after the new year. P is ready and goes on the potty quite often, but I just haven't put the time and effort into it.
    Also, I hate hate flash and stopped taking pics when it was required. Then I saw a quote that said:
    "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take".
    I decided it wasn't worth missing a shot just bc the lighting wasn't perfect.

  3. Happy birthday, Bennett! I'm glad no tears were shed this year. :) I remember seeing the photo of his tears at his least year's birthday. He he.

    I wish my child liked mac n cheese. I cannot get him to eat that stuff for the life of me. My kid would just eat fruit only if I let him. If you would like to get more veggies in him, try making like zucchini bread. He wouldn't even taste the zucchini!

    As for disciplining, we do time outs and ignoring. It depends what it is. His head banging, we completely ignore. All others, we do time outs. We have become very fierce in our voice when he does something wrong and we have noticed that the "seriousness" in our voice gets his attention right away and he thinks twice before he does it again.

    We have fluoride and vitamin drops in one. His ped prescribed it and I just drop it into his juice or water.

  4. Happy Birthday, B!!! I can't wait to see pics of the party and new train set! How fun!

    Jack is a pretty good eater, but is starting to refuse veggies as well. Saturday night he ate an entire cheeseburger, bun and all!! We had his well-check last Wednesday and he's now taking a Flinstones chewable vitamin. I may switch to the gummies though, because he's not too sure what to do with the chewables. But we have to get the ones with iron added, because his iron levels were slightly less than they'd like them to be.

    We have not started time-outs yet, but will sometime in the next year. I just don't think it would work that well right now. I will never spank him, but I have swat at his hand a very few times (and only if he's doing something like reaching for the hot stove). The thing that works right now is taking something away from him. He is a really good kid and listens pretty well and the biggest problem we have is him throwing his toys. I just tell him he can only throw balls and I'll take whatever it is that he threw. He also plays with his food and drinks and likes to make a big mess, but he's not being vindictive about it. I have him help me clean up (which might be partly why he's doing it in the first place!) and I take away his food. The only other issue I have is with him wanting to touch things he shouldn't- machinery and tools and he wants to press the buttons on the dishwasher, etc. For that, I make sure things are out of his reach or I say no and remove him from the situation (if possible). Nothing too serious and nothing that I feel really warrants a time out just yet! I've heard that 3 is worse, but I can't believe that is possible with how much more they'll be talking and be able to communicate their feelings. But we'll see! :)

    Good luck at your well visit! And I'm glad you cleared up any suspicions regarding baby #2. I wondered if you were wanting another. :)

  5. Happy, happy 2nd birthday B!!!!

    I can't wait to see photos of him loving his new train set! Asher adores his and he's getting some cars for Christmas, so it will officially be "boy central" around here after that. ha!

    Asher takes a chewable vitamin called "My First Flintstones". His pediatrician recommended them and he really likes it. It's pretty much his version of candy. :-)

    We haven't been pushing the potty too much yet. Asher has one that he reluctantly sits on, but he refuses to stay there for more than a second. He's just not ready.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


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