Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. Did you make any fun purchases this week?
Well, I have started doing a little couponing. I did make a few purchases at Walgreens that were pretty "fun". I got "paid" 50 cents for toothpaste!? Haha... I am a dork, I know.
2. If you could go to any musical concert, what would it be?
Any? Hmm... that's a toughie. I haven't been to many concerts but I am a huge Britney Spears fan and I would like to see her again although her efforts are waning. I'm gonna say Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson... or Evanescence. I would like to see Evanescence headlining. I saw them as an opening act for Linkin Park and they were awesome! Okay... so was that a clear answer? 
3. What is your least fav/ most fav house chore?
Least favorite would have to be dishes. I loathe dishes!!!! Most favorite would be organizing.... but it takes a lot of time and I have cleaning ADD. That's another story. lol
4. Would you prefer new appliances or clothes?
That's funny... ask me this 5 years ago and I would have totally said clothes!!!! Now? I'd like new appliances please. :) Especially a new washer & dryer. !!!! Red please!
5. Miracle Whip or Mayo?
Mayo! I am not a fan of Miracle Whip....but my Husband is! :)

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