Friday, June 24, 2011

Off to see the Wizard! aka Liz...ard?

Today is finally Friday!!!! We are off to Green Lake to see Auntie Liz & Uncle Michael as soon as I get off work today. I am very excited for a fun weekend. The weather also looks like it will be cooperating which will make it even better!!!!! I forgot my camera at home but my wonderful Husband is going home over his lunch hour to pick it up. What a sweetheart!!!! Gotta have the camera!!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day ... and I hope 530 rolls around QUICKLY!!!

Happy Friday! Have a GREAT weekend and I'll catch up with y'all again on Monday! :)

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  1. Such a GREAT picture! I hope you had a fun weekend and can't wait to see pics, thanks to your wonderful hubby. :) I always keep a pocket digital in my purse for that very reason. :)


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