Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm doing better?!

I just am finishing up my lunch hour...

I am, so far, getting better at reading my fave blogs and also posting. Props to myself!!! whoop whoop :)

I went to get my bangs cut [much needed!] at lunch time and to my pleasant surprise found out that bang cuts are complimentary at the Aveda salon by my work. I ♥ complimentary!!! :) I'll be stopping in there every day from now on. Haha... j/k. Can you imagine getting 86d from Aveda? hahaha

Anyway, tonight we are packing up the car and tomorrow, straight after work, we are headed to Green Lake for a weekend visit with Auntie Liz & Uncle Michael!!!! I am looking forward to sunshine and lots of pictures and wonderful times to be had!!!!!

Alright kiddos, time for me to get back to work....

Hope y'all have a wonderful Thursday!!!!

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  1. i hope you have a good trip up in the lake :) glad that you're back to blogging too! also how awesome is that complimentary fringe from aveda? that's so cool wish I had that access haha.


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