Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nobody puts Baby in the, Crib.

Well, B is going through a huge growth spurt... gulping down 11 oz. at a time sometimes!!!! And last night was the first night he didn't sleep all the way through, without being sick. He went to bed at 830PM and was fine until about 1145PM when he started crying and it wasn't like a whiny-i'll-go-back-to-sleep-cry, it was like a Help me! Cry... :( I know he's been super hungry lately so I filled a bottle up with his fave whole milk and went in to tame the beast. He took down about 4 oz. immediately but I noticed that he was having to take breaks to breathe so he is stuffed up in his little nose. :( He was also wet, so I changed his diaper and tried to lay him back down in his crib. go. We do let him CIO sometimes, but no more than 5 minutes tops, and the cries are not loud, help-me cries either. It wasn't a good cry, so I went back in and got him. I'm still not sure exactly what went wrong or what was bothering/hurting him... he did let out a couple farts while writhing around so maybe it was a little upset tummy... and I know he's teething too, so maybe it's that?? It's hard to tell sometimes. He spent a few hours in our bed, the first time I've ever slept with him in our bed. Although, I didn't sleep very well, or that much at all. I was uncomfortable with my arm half holding him and also struggling to stay on the bed as I was trying to give him as much of the pillow as he wanted. pillow hog! Then he was more restless than I'd like at 430 this AM, so I attempted the crib again... this time, it was a go. After a couple minutes of soft whining/crying, he was out. !!!!! I hope it was a fluke, but I have a feeling until his big toofers come in, there are going to be some long nights. That's okay.... I can't totally complain about a sleeping baby on me or beside me. :)

Happy Thursday!!!!

Feels like Friday.... that totally sucks. Oh well... one more day and it's the weekend and I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. Poor B, my guess is that it's teething. Well, that's what I seem to blame everything on: sleeplessness, crankiness, etc... :) Gosh, how many teeth total are they supposed to get?

  2. Presley has been doing the same thing lately. She is usually a great sleep, but we have had some rough nights recently. I can't figure out what the problem is either. I hope tonight is better for you:)

  3. We're going through the same thing here. It seems like Jack is getting 3 molars right now, but they are taking forever to come through! I'm sure all the babies are going through it right now. I hope they don't take much longer!

  4. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Poor baby! You aren't supposed to do this often, but when my kids are stuffed up, I prop their head up on a pillow so their nose drains more and put a dab of vick's vapor rub under each nostril and on their chest. (a very small amount.) It usually clears them up enough that they pass out with a bottle, and the pillow helps a ton too. Poor little guy! Sick babies are so damn cute though :)


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