Monday, November 29, 2010

NOT down with the sickness

My family has been sick since last Monday and we are finally on the mend. I have also been meaning to blog for a long, long time now. I am worried that I have already lost the handful of readers that I did have. Bummer!!! I'm not sure what we had or how we got it, but it took us down. I think it was some sort of cold... but whatever it was turned into a double ear infection for B. Poor baby!!!!! He was congested and had a runny nose but no fever for a couple of days. We tried a few things...[per my Mother's help!] like bundling him up and taking him out into the cold air to try to help clear some of the congestion up along with the steam from the shower trick. Both seemed to help temporarily, but by Saturday we had to take him in. The Dr. took 2 quick looks into both ears and said it was a double ear infection. Ahhh!!! POOR B! That was a diagnosis that I totally didn't expect... B had a super runny nose and after lying down for extended periods of time, he definitely had congestion build-up, but not once did I ever see him pull at his ears and he was still in good spirits...still smiling and happy... you could tell he was a little down and out, but he still had smiles. From what I have heard about ear infections, I would think he would be much more unhappy because I have heard they are super painful! I guess Patrick used to have a lot of those ear infections when he was little whereas I did not. So I guess B can thank Daddy for this one. Just kidding. I definitely felt some Momma guilt for not having seen any signs that may have been there... for not taking him in sooner... for allowing him to have any unnecessary pain or discomfort. We went down the street to CVS to pickup his bubble gum Amoxicillin and he started to whine and then cry. I, in turn, started to cry as it was overwhelming to me.This was the first time that B has been really sick. I felt horrible for him... it breaks my heart to hear my little babe cry. What can I say? I'm a total sucker for B. Can you blame me? ;-)

Thanksgiving was good, despite the illness. I could still taste, so that was a definite plus!!!! We went over to my Parents' place and ate lots and lots of super yummy food. The works!!!! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, lingonberries, green bean casserole, cole slaw, dill pickles, homemade buns, homemade lefse, pumpkin pie with real whipped cream, cherry pie! Ahhhhh....YUM! And I swear the leftovers were almost better than the first time through. I am sure I gained like 5 pounds, but it was totally worth it!

I had all intentions of going out on Black Friday, but since I was up until 3AM with my precious little B, when Patrick was nudging me at 4AM, I was not going to be going anywhere. Plus, I didn't want to leave B at all. But Pat made it out and managed to nab a few official Black Friday deals!!! Yay for him! My favorite buy of the day was my new treadmill!!!! And that thing has kicked my butt the last 2 days. It feels good... but it definitely kicks my butt. :) I did most of my Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving itself as a lot of places had their deals online! Booyah! I managed to grab some great deals for myself and crossed a few things off of my Christmas list as well. Double Booyah!

I need to take some time and catch up on everyone else's blogs... and I will!!!! Don't give up on me yet!

I can't believe the 4-day weekend is already over but I am looking forward to this next weekend as it brings my company Holiday party. We are going to the Hilton downtown Minneapolis and having dinner and a fun casino night... and then staying the night. I have this red dress that I cannot wait to wear!!!!! I will miss B, but Momma is excited for a night on the town. :)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and can't wait to catch up!


  1. Oh you poor thing! Being sick is no fun and having a sick baby is even worse. I'm glad you had a good holiday despite all of that.

    Here's to feeling completely well soon!

  2. Poor baby... and mama too. Infact, it's probably harder on you than it is on B. I'm so happy everyone is on the mend. We have all been sick too. As soon as someone gets better, someone starts to get sick, yuck!

    Your Thanksgiving sounded yummy, and congrats on the treadmill. I need to start using mine again, especially after my horrible eating all week long.

  3. Aww Anika, I am so sorry you all were sick! I am glad everyone is feeling better though and that you were able to get some steals.

    I also think Thanksgiving leftovers are sometimes better than the first run. YUMMY!!

  4. Glad to have you back - I was wondering if you all were doing ok! I hope you guys all get to feeling better ASAP!

    Glad you managed to get some Black Friday deals online - that's the best way to do it anyways, since there's no line/crowds/even getting dressed! :)

    Feel better, B and mama!

    And enjoy this weekend - jealous!!!!


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