Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy 11 Months!!!!

B is 11 months old TODAY!

I literally cannot believe he will be ONE YEAR OLD next month this time. Crazy. Simply crazy.

B is trying his legs out more often lately and it's very exciting to watch. He loves finger foods and will only eat pureed foods if they are fruits, forget about even trying to give him veggies on a spoon! He still refuses to hold his own bottle and still hasn't mastered the sippy cup thing. He LOVES all snacks via Gerber... aka Puffs, lil' Crunchies, Wagon Wheels, Cookies ... he squeals with delight at just the sight of these containers. Haha. He occasionally watches some Sesame Street [which is not the same as it used to be and I am in the process of getting him the old school SS action!] but that's the extent of his television watching so far. He still loves the remote controls and cell phones. He hates diaper changes and changing clothes... hello! it takes away from his play time! He is wearing size 4 diapers and is in 6-12/12 mo/12-18mo clothing, depending on the brand. I think he understands "No" but refuses to stop when we tell him. Stinker! He enjoys playing on his various pianos [book and 5 key one] and grunts and squeals a lot. No real words, yet! He occasionally says Momma or Dadda but mainly Momma. I'm okay with that. ;-) He enjoys his new daycare and that makes it easier on Mommy & Daddy, knowing that he is in a good place while we aren't able to be there with him. He has now gone from loving to knock blocks down to knocking them down... and then trying to put them back together. He even stacked a couple the other day!!!! B is super ticklish under his arms and his neck. That laugh is the best sound ever! We have moved him into his own room for nighttime, but he is still not into his own crib [eek!] We are working on that one. :)

All in all, B is still a wonderful, wonderful blessing. He barely cries ever... he sleeps through the night, he eats like a champ, he plays hard and his smile melts my heart every single time.

Happy 11 Months to my little big boy!!! Mommy & Daddy love you so, soooooooo much!!!!


  1. happy 11 months b-day B!!! it's amazing how quickly they grow.

  2. Happy 11 months! I love love love that picture1 So cute! It is unimaginable that their birthday's are next month! AHH!

  3. Happy 11 months, B!! You are way too cute!

  4. He has gorgeous eyes!!!

  5. Happy 11 months!!! Gerber snacks are a huge hit in our house too. I agree with Emily...wat too cute!!!!


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