Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've fallen behind again!

I have been a bad blogger.... ::looks down in shame::

I also missed B's 10 Month post!!!?! Darn....

B turned 10 months 2 days ago!!! I cannot believe he's 10 months old. Seriously... he's almost a year old??! Holy Moly Man!!!! He is getting to be such an independent little man and it's a great joy to watch.

Bennett gives high fives!... very gentle ones :)
He is still quite stingy with his kisses and hugs...
He took his "first step" on October 16th.. {debatable. Daddy thinks his 1st step would be completely on his own...where he stands up on his own and takes a step on his own... Mommy thinks otherwise!}
He is eating more and more finger foods and less purees. He prefers to feed himself with his own version of the "pincer grasp", which really consists of him palming the food and stuffing it into his mouth. So cute.
He loves bread!!!!... and bananas! ... and he loves to drink baby water from a shot glass {my Mother started since he couldn't figure out any of the sippy cups we've tried!}
He is starting to squeal and do this funny sucking-in noise when he's excited.
I don't remember the last time he didn't sleep through the entire night!!! {WE = BLESSED!!!}
He goes down to naps and bedtime without much of a fuss, ever.
B plays hard and sleeps hard ... and he is just a wonderful little boy.
He is recognizing words and is so darn smart!!! :)
Bennett still refuses to hold his own bottle.... although he will assist in directing the bottle into his mouth...but then lets his hands fall to the side. Stinker!!!!!
He is pulling himself up on everything possible and even taking steps while holding on to things, but still quite wobbly on his cute little pudgy feet.
I would say his favorite toys are not really toys after all. He loves these little rubber coasters I had made with pictures of him on them.... so funny.
He also loves to cruise around in his little walker toy that Mommy scored for 2$ at a garage sale!!!! We have definitely gotten our money's worth out of it, and more!!!!
B is wearing size 9 Mo, 6-12, and 12 Mo clothes.
He is starting to say Momma more but still hasn't figured out if he says it, I would come running!!! Less babbling and more grunting, squealing, and "roarrring". Hehe.

Love you, baby B! Happy 10 Months!!!!


  1. Happy Happy 10 months, sweet Bennett! I love the shot glass idea, lol! I think I'll try it! He is doing so much. I can't believe in two months our little babes will be 1 year olds?!?!

  2. Happy 10 months Mr. B! I can't believe how old they are either. It's so fun to see the new stuff they are learning every day. :o)

  3. Happy 10 months big guy! This first year is flying by, that's for sure!

  4. B sounds like one smart, little boy! He seems to know how to do so many things!

  5. Happy 10 Months baby B! He is moving right along! He'll be running before you know it! AHHH!

    Oh and P.S. I am waiting until the year mark to cut Ethan's hair. I probably won't do it then either...Im thinking he can rock the surfer hair look once the sides get a little longer ; ) Hubby wants me to cut it now...but it's not gonna happen. He tried to tell me he's gonna take him to get it done after his birthday..but there's no way that will happen...not when mommy is a can do it herself :)


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