Monday, October 25, 2010

5 minutes to blog!

I have 5 minutes to blog before I leave the office.

The past weekend flew by and was busy, busy, busy!!!

I had the day off from work on Friday because we were going to get B into a Target Casting Call, but Mommy Fail popped up again and somehow I had switched the dates and it had already happened in September. I not only felt dumber than dumb but felt like I had failed as a Mommy, as they are to be organized and with it. Oops!!! Oh well, next year! Or next casting call! :) Instead we hit up the mall for a little dress shopping. I found a super cute dress in pretty blue and sported that for the night at our friends' wedding. They got married at the Como Zoo Conservatory and it was soooooo pretty. Afterwards, they had a reception at the Atlas Grill in DT Minneapolis. It was a great time and so much fun to catch up with some old and some out-of-town friends! B was in great hands with my parents for the night but we came home at 2AM Saturday. Once B woke up later that morning, it sure seemed darn early! Thanks to my SUPER-DH for getting up with him.

Saturday we had our sprinklers blown out for winter and then had SUPER-DH's Mom come and watch B so that we could go to a Murder Mystery dinner at the Zuhrah Shrine in Minneapolis [same place we got married!]. It was a good time and the food was nummy. We went with his Dad & Stepmom and it was also nice to see them as we don't usually get to as they live 1+ hours away. We came home that night around 10PM and were surprised to see that B was up eating a bottle. He hasn't been up past 9PM for a long, long time. It was a little bit of a weird situation as to why he was up at that time... but that's all I'm going to say about that. Sometimes MIL situations are tricky!!!

I will finish this later...!!!


  1. Wow!!! What a weekend...and what a five minute blog!! I'm impressed. You are a super duper great Mommy. I Love the last line of your post, lol!

  2. You're a great mom! It's hard when you work full time. I'm glad you had a fun weekend though. That's great that you can leave B with his grandparents (even if it's with the in-laws!). I have yet to leave Jack with anyone (except daycare of course).

    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Haha, love the speedy blog catch up! My in-laws watched Asher this weekend and when I came home he had a big 'ole black eye. Apparently he fell while standing in his crib. They felt terrible and I know it still would have happened with me 'on watch' but I cringe to leave him with others for this reason. No one does things quite like mommy!

  4. Don't even get me started on MIL's! ;)

    I am so jealous of your familial babysitters - our closest family lives 3.5 hours away, and my family lives 3 states away, so Ava has NEVER had a babysitter. Ridiculous, right?


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