Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 9 Months [a few days behind...forgive me!]

I have been meaning to post all weekend long!!!!

Bennett turned 9 months this past Saturday!!!! We had pancakes for breakfast!! He is getting so big and he is so strong!!!!

We have his 9 month appointment this Friday. If it weren't so close to the flu season & flu shots, I think this would be the one appt where he doesn't get poked...but I think he may get the flu shot. Poor kid. At least it will only be one, opposed to 3.

Let's see... what has B been up to?? He is standing on everything. He doesn't really care to be held because there are so many toys and things to play with... no time to cuddle. [*tear*] He has been known to even let go of the couch or whatever he's holding on to, while standing, for 15-20 seconds at a time!!! He can crawl faster than you can blink and he is babbling and blowing raspberries like a champ. He mainly says "daddadaddadadda" and has yet to master the "mmmm" sound, although a few times while a little fussy he will mutter what I like to tell myself was a "mommmmmmmma". He now has 6 teeth!!! 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom. He barely ever "chokes" on the puffs anymore and we have now had cheerios and even more finger foods... although we are still working on the "pincer grasp". B prefers the full-hand method! He has also tried a few more foods in the non-puree form! He has tried chicken, green beans, yukon gold potatoes, carrot cake, brownie, pancakes and yesterday he had his first taste of pickle. B sleeps through the night with usually no issues... maybe a few nights he will wake up and need us to help him find his paci, but other than that...no problem! He goes down for naps & bedtime really well, too. We feel very fortunate for this!!! All around, B is a wonderful baby!!!! We are now almost 100% on formula and I must admit I am definitely loving the freedom of not being a slave to the pump. We haven't had much issue with constipation but have noticed sometimes he is trying a little too hard [for my liking] to go... so we will work on that!!! More fruits!!! :) Speaking of... B loves all fruits and is a remarkable eater. He is currently having 5 bottles of 4-4.5 oz formula a day plus 1 container of fruit or fruit mixed with oatmeal in the morning, another container of fruit or veggie in the afternoon and then 2 containers for dinner... 1 veggie & 1 fruit. He also has puffs throughout the day, or cheerios! I am going to start making more balanced dinners for ourselves so that B can start sharing in our meals!!!

B had a 1st over the weekend. We were playing in the living room and he lost grip of the couch and fell into it... and on this particular couch, there is a hard piece of wood inside that he hit with his sweet little forehead. He had a big old bump and a bruise but it has since receded and is now just a faint bruise. I still felt horrible... he did cry pretty hard, but for less than 40 seconds, I'd say. He is a tough little guy!!! I know it will be the first of many, but that doesn't make it any easier!!!! I am glad that I was there, though!!!

B is a very happy baby and smiles a lot. He is a very healthy boy, too. He has only had a few minor "colds" since he was born, only a few sniffles and little coughs. He cries very little and plays hard. I give thanks for him every day and my heart overflows with love for this little guy all the time. 

Happy 9 Months, Bennett!!!! Momma & Dadda LOVE you!!!!


  1. Love the hat! He is so adorable. Presley has quit saying "momma" and now says "Dadada". Boo!I'm sorry about Bennett's first big boo boo. Presley had a pretty bad fall the other day and ended up with a goose egg. Our poor babies, but I guess that's all part of it. I can't believe Bennett already has 6 teeth!!! Presley is just now getting her first top tooth, so I guess she has 2.5. Ha! Well, Happy 9 months, sweet boy!!

  2. Cute picture- love the hat!! That's great that he is so good. I feel really blessed too!

    Happy 9 months, little B!!!

  3. Happy 9 months, B! Congrats on being "off the pump" - I can't wait!! It's great that B is such an easy going baby - we're so lucky!

  4. That's such a cute hat - reminds me of those sock monkey puppets...in a good way, obviously :)

    Congrats on being free of the pump! Jealous!!!!

    Happy (belated) 9 months, Bennett!

  5. B is such a handsome, little guy. I know I always say that but I can't get over how cute he is sometimes!

    That is so great that he has been so explorative (I know that is really not a word) with all kinds of foods. Perhaps it's a sign of what kind of eater he will be when he gets older! In my case, Everett will be a picker eater then. Eek. He hates solids! I'm just hoping it's just phase, fingers crossed.

    Happy (belated) 9 months, B!


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