Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday: Wish you were here!

Hello! I have been meaning to blog but I swear there is not enough time in the day, or the week... blah. We have set a date for our Housewarming Party for October 1st so the heat is on! It will either be just the thing to spark our motivation or it will be a nightmare and major stressor trying to get the house ready for this party. I'm hoping it will be the 1st!!! You know what my problem is? I have cleaning ADD. Let me explain... whenever I start cleaning one thing... in the middle of it I realize there's something else I wanted to do and go do that... then I realize I left the first thing... but then end up starting something else, and something else, and something else... and it is not the best way to handle things!!! I try to multi-task way too much! There are so many things that I want to do though... I want to make a new background and Avatar for my Twitter... I want to look into planning a surprise 70th Birthday party for my Dad... I want to paint my bedroom [among most of the walls in our house]... I want to upload music to my new phone... I want to cook an abundant meal... I want to organize our closet... I want to take inventory of our freezers... !!!!!!!!! So anyway... that's what's plaguing me lately.

Okay, I'm done venting. :-P

B is doing well. We found a new daycare for him this past week and I think he will be happy there. It's 150% better than the other one we had thought he would go into temporarily before. What a load off!!! The lady has a baby boy and he's a couple months younger than B and he is already in 12-18 mo. clothes!!! :-O Now that's a big baby! I was careful not to repeat it too much.. and I didn't even call him "big", I just mentioned he looked tall, which he totally did!!! He's pretty much bigger than B... kinda weird. LOL But he's super cute and they were totally checking each other out. The other daycare he was at before didn't have any kids this close to his age, so I think it will be fun for him once that baby gets a little older and they can play together more. I really need to find some people locally with babies our age... he needs to socialize a little more. I did notice some Community Ed classes that would be of interest to us next year or so. I wonder what they would be like.... ! I guess we'll have to check it out to see.

I decided to try my hand at making some pancakes last night. Usually Patrick makes them because last time I tried to make them it was a disaster. Last night was not too bad!!! B has had pancakes one time before so while I was practicing last night, he did get a few did Daddy! They both approved. :) I even made a few "mickey mouse" pancakes!!!

It's definitely nothing special, but it was my first pancake for my first Baby Boy!!!! ::sigh:: He's eating pancakes already!!!! Pretty soon I'll be making big ones with faces made out of strawberries, chocolate chips & whipped cream. YUM

B has started talking a lot more!!! He does this babbling thing... and you know what he says the most these days??? DADDA!!!! aghhhhhhhhh I thought I would for sure be the first "word"... technically he said Momma clear as day, on my birthday in June. But that seems to be a fluke of some sort because he hasn't really said it since. I try and try but he doesn't seem to want to do the Mmmm sound at all yet. Stinker!!!!! I'm not sure if he realizes he's saying Dadda at all, but he definitely says it a lot. And it's sooooo cute. I love when he talks! I ask Patrick if it just melts his heart when he says it... because I know when he starts saying Momma more... it's for sure going to melt mine. Although he does a pretty good job of that without saying a word. ;-)

My Sister & her Fiance are coming into town on Saturday, for a wedding. Sunday we are going to a Bridal Fair and then we're having people over to the house that night for dinner and a B-Show. You know, a B-Show... where everyone sits around and watches him play with his toys. lol. It will be really good to see those 2 again... have I mentioned I wish she hadn't moved to Chicago???

I also recently caved and got myself the new iPhone 4. I must antenna issues as of yet. I have noticed that the bars are lower than usual, but I haven't had a dropped call yet. And reception is clear as ever. And the screen...also clear as ever. The camera is 10x better than what I had on my 3G and it even has a flash..not to mention the camera in the front!!!! I ♥ it!!!! Anyway, enough gushing about an electronics piece. :-P

Time to catch up on some more of your lovely blogs!!! Til tomorrow...


  1. Oh my gosh, that last picture is TOO CUTE!

    I have cleaning ADD also. Or perhaps ADD in general!

  2. I am right there with you on the cleaning. Sigh it never ends. Sae loves pancakes too! it's one of the only breakfast foods I can get her to eat!

    The last picture is darling!!

  3. I understand having a much too long to-do list and not being motivated to do any of it. It's hard when you have a lot to do but not a lot of time! I'm glad you got B's daycare sorted out though. It's not fun to have to worry about those things.

    There is a boy who is 2 weeks older than Jack but Jack is wayyyy bigger! When we get together for playdates, everyone thinks Jack is older and thinks that baby Patrick is a lot younger. But Jack is now in 18 months clothes and he's just a big boy! :) We went to the Little Gym to check out their classes and someone who worked there (and obviously has experience with babies) guessed Jack's age to be 15 months!!!! Now that's ridiculous! Oh well, what can you do? It's normal for me! :)

  4. I'm so glad you found a new daycare center that feels right. What a relief! Don't worry about your list - it always gets done eventually!


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