Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rollin' all over, Great-Aunt's Bday, & a Park visit!

I have worried that Bennett wasn't keeping up with other babies his age. I kept reading about how this baby was rolling over and this baby rolled this way and that way and Bennett couldn't even take tummy time at all, let alone roll over. In the past week or so, Bennett's tummy time has improved 150%. He doesn't completely hate it anymore and I might even dare to say he likes tummy time. Say what?! It was almost overnight that he could hold himself up on his forearms and hold that big ol' head of his so high! Mommy & Daddy are boasting with pride this weekend. Our baby Boy is growing up so fast! He is so strong!!! 
We had been trying to help him also learn how to roll from his back to his tummy, but he didn't quite seem to understand that he would need to move his arm in order for it to be successful. Grandma tried to help him out and flip him halfway, but he would always roll back to his back again. He seriously had no interest of rolling onto his tummy. Tonight we were eating dinner and B was hanging out in his pack n' play. We're used to him turning himself 90 degrees from how we put him. He always seems to prefer to lay the short way instead of the long way. Silly Baby. But this time when I looked in to check on him, he was laying on his tummy!!! He turned from his back to his tummy on his own in his pack n play!!! And he didn't make a single peep!!! We were all excited and he looked up at us and gave us a huge grin. What a stinker!!!! Can you see why Mommy & Daddy are soooooooooooooo proud??? 
Yesterday, Bennett went out on his third restaurant visit. I know, we haven't gotten him out much. My Aunt Mavis was having a little Birthday celebration at the Olive Garden and Bennett told me he wanted to go. I said Ok. ;) Everyone was excited to meet him and he got his share of being held by different relatives. He was a wonderful baby the whole time!! My Mom is the youngest of 9 children, so a lot of her side of the family is quite old, in relation to me. I only have a couple cousins that are around my age, the rest are actually more around my Mom's age. My Grandma died when I was a lot younger and I never knew my Grandpa. Mavis turned 86 this year, so I like to think she is kind of like a Grandma figure for Bennett. She is in such great shape for her age!! She lives by herself in an apartment, she goes on little casino bus trips for seniors, she gets her hair done almost every week and is completely with the world. It's awesome. And she's funny too!!! She always takes pictures, and sometimes they are of the floor or she cuts off your head or half of your head or something else... and she uses disposable cameras!!! It's adorable. It's her trademark. She grabbed onto B right away once we got there. I think some of those relative people liked him. Maybe.  :)
Today it was soooooooo gorgeous out!! I think it made it into the high 70's and we just had to get out there and enjoy a little of it with B. He was itchin' to go to the park, so we packed up and went! It was the first time he'd been out in the sun and awake... and I think he enjoyed it! 

 PS. I know that hat is too big for him... but I had to get it... (we're addicted to camo).

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know we did!!!



  1. Way to go Bennett! It does almost happen overnight. It's like we might miss something if we blink!

    Those pictures of him at the park are so precious!!! I love his ensemble!

  2. I love his onesie! That's too true! Asher loves to be naked!

    Way to go B on rolling over. We're still working on not hating tummy time -- I'm sure it will happen for Asher like this too. One day he'll just "get" it!

  3. Yay Bennett! I wish Ava would consistently roll over, but she did it once or twice and seemed content in knowing that she could haha.

  4. Hunter rolled over all on his own this weekend too! B is such a little CUTIE! Congrats.


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